8 Kids You Won’t Believe Are Parents

Babies are considered blessings and bring joy into a family and society. But even with the new found joy in a family, pregnancy can be quite frustrating to new parents and even more if the parents are basically young and native. Below is a list of the youngest parents in the world.

#1 Lina medina

She can be considered as the youngest birth mother documented in medical history.Lina made history when she was confirmed pregnant at the age of 5 at their home in Lima, Peru. Her parents noted a swelling in her abdomen and thought it was a tumor.she was taken to a hospital and the initial doctor examining her couldn’t believe. He called in a team of specialists who confirmed that she was 7 months pregnant. Due to her small size, Lina gave birth to a baby boy who was named Geraldo after the initial doctor who examined her. The father of the baby was never identified.

#2 Sherry Johnson

Sherry got pregnant when she was only 10 years old. The father was an adult member of her church which created a horrifying and complicated situation both morally and legally. Her mother rationally asked how she felt marrying the man who impregnated her to which she agreed. Gross as it may sound, a Florida judge agreed to legalize a marriage between a grown man and a child in order to end the lawsuit involving the church. Sherry gave birth to a baby girl and went on to have a total of 9 children with her now ex-husband.

#3 Tyler barker

Baby faced Tyler barker fathered a child at the age of 13.the mother of the child was 13 year old shantell Steadman who gave birth to a girl child named, Maisie. The two were determined to do the right thing and take care of their baby but later on, shantell’s parents claimed that Tyler was not the father’s child. These allegations were refuted by Tyler’s family who claimed that it was just a scheme by shantell’s family to gain media attention.

#4 Sean Stewart

Sean was just 11 when she got his 15 year old girlfriend Emma Webster pregnant. They were next door neighbors. Sean used to climb over the roof just to meet up with her girlfriend. His son ben Luis was born when he was celebrating his 12th birthday.

#5 April Webster and Nathan fishbone

April became a mother when she was just a teenager. She was the same age with her boyfriend Nathan. She realized she was pregnant just days before celebrating her 14th birthday. Due to health complications, she delivered her baby boy Jamie via cesarean section. Jamie was born with a malformed esophagus and struggled to take in food during his initial days but thanks to a successful surgery to correct the deformity he was announced healthy.