The Transforming Power Of Makeup Unveiled

Makeup kit, such a handy tool for almost all women across age groups globally. However, recently men have also joined in the fun of applying makeup which was previously considered feminine. This tool takes the transformation game to a whole new level. Make up can help out in many critical situations requiring modification of facial appearance. Having a perfect face with pimple scars? Well you don’t have to see a plastic surgeon to conceal the scars. All you need is a good make up and you won’t even recognize yourself after the whole session.Its power is not only recognized in the beauty pallor but also the film industry where by movie directors in collaboration with makeup artists have realized they can create different characters from one individual just by modifying their facial characteristic. no computer graphics involved.
However with all the glam that follows, not everyone is proud of their makeup dos’ one Nicky noticed that girls (her friends) were ashamed to say that they love make up. They either did it because they were insecure; they didn’t love themselves or just to impress guys. This prompted her to do a video on the power of makeup which of course revealed the huge importance of makeup.
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The pictures below give a visual explanation on the powers of makeup