Twitter Goes Bunkers Over Angelina Jolie’s look alike As She Strikes Lara Croft Pose

Halloween is up and many guys will be falling over themselves donning outfits that will bring their looks a closer resemblance to those of fictions characters or even real ones.

Well, one individual will need no such thing as making an effort to resemble the Hollywood star Angelina Jolie. YouTube star Claudia Sulewski has long suspected that her looks bear resemblance to those of movie character Angelina Jolie, her fans have also long commented on their resemblance but it was not until her recent trip to Cambodia that really cemented the whole issue.

Claudia untamed

Original Jolie

In the photo, Claudia was wearing a white crop top with black pants and sunglasses perched on her top. For her hair she decided to fold it in the back into a pony tail. She stood in the exact spot in front of the temple that Angelina stood more than a decade ago while shooting the film.

Could really pass for her daughter

She shared the photo via twitter with a light caption, ‘following in mom’s footsteps’ alongside a grab of Angelina in the movie.

The tweet got a massive 6000 likes which was way above what she anticipated courtesy of her 300,000 followers.some followers even took time to throw in some comments. They however agreed to agree on one thing; while Claudia didn’t look like the actress twin sister, she could have some Jolie genes and easily pass for her daughter. As one user wrote, ‘I really can’t find the difference clauds.’