Selfie Queen Teenager Who Posted Pictures To Show How Much Weight She’d Gained Had No Idea She Was PREGNANT

Connie Whitton, 19, from Barnsley south Yorkshire had previously lost three and half stone and to her dismay, she was still gaining weight without reasons.

Speaking to the mirror, an anonymous call center worker revealed that she had constant back ache but didn’t seem to be bothered much. When she finally decided to see a doctor about the pain, she discovered she was carrying a full term pregnancy. Perhaps the news came as a surprise and sent her into labor four hours later after the appointment. She gave birth to her baby boy Seth.

Prior to the surprise, Connie had worked hard to lose weight going from 12 stone and size 12 to an amazing 8 stone and size six. However, her newly found achievement wouldn’t last long as her newly found body shape began to balloon as she began to put weight back on.
Her body confidence dropped and she began taking pictures of herself posting them on social media to show her mysterious weight gain.

Oblivious to her, she had been taking alcohol and going to the gym and only cut short her routine when she felt a sharp pain prompting her mother to take her to the hospital. Her doctor scanned her bladder for possible signs of infections and found a heartbeat.

When asked about her pregnancy experience she admitted to feeling nothing even in her final stages of pregnancy, no morning sickness, visible baby bump and not even fetal movements.

Seth was born at 1:05am weighing 7lb 4oz. Connie said,’'I found out I was pregnant at 9pm and had Seth in my arms at 1.05 the next morning. Those four hours were the entire nine months for me.'

Connie and her boyfriend Lima, 19, received the news a s a surprise but still termed it the best thing that ever happened to them. We surely hope the baby bring happiness to the couple.