Teenager Girls Torment A Homeless Man At A Nandos Restaurant

Three teenager girls are alleged to have tormented a homeless man by promising to buy him a meal at Nando's - but they run off and leave him without any food.

The incident which occurred at a restaurant in woolwich, south east London left diners in awe. According to witnesses, they told the man to sit down and wait for his food but just seconds later they all exited the restaurant leaving the man perplexed.

One outraged witness, Sally Cudmore took a picture of them outside, laughing and joking about the poor man's plight, before posting it on Facebook.

'I can't believe what myself and other people just witnessed in Woolwich this evening.: 'Three loud girls came storming in with their cameras filming a homeless man strolling along behind.’ They told the man to sit down and the three girls went to the counter and were talking to the staff.

'They then ordered his food and they were going outside for a cigarette. He asked what they ordered.

'They kept laughing, everyone in Nando's were looking at them because of how loud they were.’

'Ms. Cudmore then said the man became suspicious and approached the counter to see if there was any food for him which they politely declined.

'The man looked so upset and apologized to the workers. The girls were outside recording him and laughing hysterically while recording him as he was walking out.’

She then bought the man a meal and her post was shared more than 1,500 times but she has since deleted it.

After being shared to a local Facebook site, posters began to name the girls - and one claiming to be the blonde teen stepped in to defend herself.

She said: 'I'm a 17 year old girl  and we walked out of McDonald's and he come up to us and approached us asking for a fag.’

'I told him to leave me alone and my friends and he started telling my friend how he would do things to her so I walked into Nando's walked to the bar and told the man we are pretending to order food so the man leaves us alone.’

Another witness, Courtney Fowler, added: 'They continued to follow the man all around Woolwich - he even tried to escape them by going into the train station poor man.'

The behavior was widely condemned after the post was shared 1,500 times.

Keeley Bennett added: 'Look at the state of them, scummy little tramps. I hope the families name and shame them. Teach them a lesson.